Inaugural Christmas Cup!

The Christmas Cup!

The inaugural Christmas Cup will take place at the MoD on Wednesday 12th December.

Wigan man Will Peters will captain the Gibraltar Harps while Limericks Jason Ryan will captain the Gibraltar Gaels. A recent poll has laid bare who the public fancy, with a massive 70% voting for the Harps, however, the poll closed before the most recent training session in which the teams competed in various drills to win points ahead of the big clash. The Gaels will go into the game next week with a massive 1 point advantage after Luke Zgaga crushed Will Peters in a ‘Plank of War’ showdown.

The teams were selected from a draw which took place at Regal House and was monitored by not so neutral Danan Truong, who made sure to wear his Sunday best after being informed it would be recorded. You can watch part of the video below.

Anyway, the game throws in at 7pm next Wednesday and will be followed by a beer and burger in the best Sports Bar in the world, The Ivy! Feel free to come along and join us for a festive drink!

Happy Christmas Cup!

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