5 Things For Irish Fans To Do In Gibraltar

With only a few weeks to go until Gibraltar host the Republic of Ireland in the Euro 2020 qualifiers, the Gibraltar Gaels thought it would be nice to put together a little guide of things to do while here because we’re sound.  

Now, the obvious thing to do, or that most will want to do is go to the pub, but there is so much more to do here, so why not get straight to it?

1. Go to the top of the Rock
Yes, the Rock of Gibraltar is not just a race horse that Alex Ferguson lost a fortune on, it is actually a really big rock! And you can go up it, who knew?! You can get a friendly taxi driver to spin you up and visit the monkeys or if fancy yourself fitness wise, you can go up one of the many routes.

2. Visit INSIDE the Rock
Did you know, that the Rock has over 50km of tunnels dug out inside? Well, neither did I until I decided to write this, so there you go! You can visit the tunnels for a fair price, which do hold an incredible amount of history going back hundreds of years.

3. Alameda Gardens
While the Gibraltar Gaels may want to be considered the oldest established link between the Emerald Isle and the Rock, there is in fact a much older one. Molly Bloom was a Gibraltarean born Irish woman, who as we all know, is a character in James Joyce’s most famous book, Ulysses. A bronze bust of her exists in the Alameda Gardens, not too far from the top of the Gibraltar Main Street.

4. The Runway
Standing in traffic isn’t the most appealing way to spend your time, we get it. But, this is with a slight twist. The main road between Gibraltar and Spain is dissected by a runway! Yes, a runway for aeroplanes. In fact, if you are going to the game, you will have to travel over it. If lucky enough, you’ll get to see the unique view of being a stones throw away from a landing commercial flight, good times!

5. The Ivy Sports Bar & Grill
It’s more a reflection of this author than Gibraltar that he couldn’t get through a list of ‘5 Things for Irish Fans to do in Gibraltar’ without naming a pub. There are plenty of other things to do, cable car, floating Casino, great food, beaches (even in March) etc, but the Ivy is a pretty great Sports Bar! Located in the busy Ocean Village, it has A LOT of TV’s for sport, great food, and most of all, great pints!

So there you have it, 5 ways to really enjoy your stay in Gibraltar. And if you fancy it, why not come to the Gibraltar Gaels Pre match party? For more info, just visit the Facebook page here!

Gaels Abu!


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